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For Montana residents and businesses,

finding a local internet company that provides

the right network solutions can be a daunting task.


At Internet Connect, we make it easy

by offering reliable and custom internet solutions.


We understand that everyone has different needs,

and we have a range of plans to fit your unique requirements.

No matter where you are.

Whether you need internet for streaming, gaming

or running a business, our network is designed to handle it.


Choose Internet Connect for the best customer experience,

data security and tailored service just for you.

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Feedback & Reviews

From our wonderful clients:

Lynore B

We have used Internet Connect as our sole internet provider at both our home and office for about 4 years now. The customer service level is exceptional. You actually have someone who truly cares taking care of your individual internet needs, not just some big franchise from out of state that doesn’t need to be bothered.

We have continued to enjoy not only great internet, but efficient and professional service the whole time. Andy and his team are constantly working to ensure that you the customer is taken care of on a personal level and always responds to phone questions quickly and efficiently. I can’t say enough good things about them.

Chris F

I live in a dead zone 8 miles out of town, in the mountains.

Have never been able to get a solid connection for internet from any of the corporate internet companies. The guys from Internet Connect offer higher speeds than I could have ever imagined for my location.

I can surf the web and stream tv shows and movies without any freeze ups or disconnections. The best part is that they’re local and I can always trust them to take care of me if I ever have any troubles. Great work guys! Thank you!

Lindsey D

I don't have enough good things to say. Here in the Frenchtown area area, I was rejected by every single internet provider I called due to my location and trees in my yard etc. Not only did they provide me with internet, they provided me with FAST internet

and great customer service. Internet Connect, thank you SO much!!!

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